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What Apprentices say...

Over the past few years (and as an older person) I have been trying to change my career direction from financial services to tech. As you can imagine, it has been difficult to make that jump. Most companies saying you’ve got loads of experience, but you haven’t got the skills!

It was Bev Mcgowan at the Specialists Hub who spotted the potential in me and my eagerness to get into tech (particularly cyber security). She aligned my experience with her huge network of contacts to enable me to change careers and join FWD View on an apprenticeship.

Delivery model – Specialists Hub offers a very high quality of apprenticeship with regular (virtual) masterclasses delivered by Len Shand (an expert with many years of delivering cyber apprenticeships). The course is structured, and the full timetable, whatever your pathway, is set out at the beginning. We obviously must commit to self-study, and Len also provides direction here too.

Communication – All communication is clear, and you know where you stand and what is expected from yourself.

Support received – There is always support offered whether that be technical (course related), administrative or wellbeing from all the staff at the Specialists Hub.

I’m part way through my Apprenticeship with the Specialists Hub, and in addition to meeting my fellow apprentices, I must say I have enjoyed every second of it.

Dan Affen | Cyber and Information Security Consultant
FWD View
FWD View

What Employers say...

As a company founder, it was good to find a company that I felt understood the employer perspective when taking on their first apprentice.

With 40 years in the high-tech industry, I had co-founded a company that was reliant on technology to deliver online services in the cloud.  We handle sensitive data related to the governance of organisations in the charity, not-for-profit and housing sectors.   While we have a Managed Service Provider to manage the technical infrastructure we have the contractual obligation to our clients for data protection and cyber security.  These are essential skills we decided to bring in-house and the UK Government’s cyber security apprenticeship scheme provided the way to do that.  

The apprentice is having a positive impact on our data protection and cyber security practices that are now routinely under the oversight of senior management.  This gives us confidence in meeting our contractual obligations to clients and those under GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018.

The delivery model is ideally suited to our working as we work in a virtual work setting. This accords with our business model and service delivery in the cloud.  As an employer, I needed assistance with the setup of the apprenticeship (it is not straightforward for a first-timer) and The Specialists Hub guided me through the process when I got stuck. That was really helpful and a time saver. 

The communication method and frequency is for me, as an employer, about right and I know that I can reach out and get a speedy response if I need something.

The support has been excellent. My apprentice also reports that. I have spoken with the apprentice’s trainer/coach and as an employer that keeps me in the loop so I know the apprentice is making the progress required of them. You want things to run smoothly for the business and apprentice and that has been the case. 

We expect the apprenticeship to complete their apprenticeship around January 2022 and if we are in a position to take on another apprenticeship I will not hesitate to use The Specialists Hub.

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“We are very pleased to be part of the apprenticeship program. Jack has been a great team member and brought along lots of fresh ideas. We are very impressed with his eagerness to learn and his dedication to become a cyber security professional.”

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