Did you know if you recruit an IT Tech Sales apprentice you could be eligible for up to £4k in government incentives?
There is up to 100% funding to re-skill revenue ready tech sales apprentices within their first 7 weeks.

Financial Services ‘FS’ | FinTech focused IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship programme.

#GrowFASTER in 2021 with the FinTech Apprenticeship Sales Talent Education & Reskilling Bootcamp

Recruit  & / or re-skill tech-savvy sales talent

Revenue ready within the first 7 weeks

Our groundbreaking Tech Sales Apprenticeship Bootcamp Programme, provides Financial Services | FinTech Apprentices with 7 weeks of training followed by 8-10 months of specialist sales coaching & mentorship support

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Attract and upskill diverse ambitious sales talent to seek out new markets, embrace new technology and strive to deliver the best products and services to your customers with empathy and ethics.



Sells financial & technology products & services across multiple channels
•Effectively plans remote customer interactions.
•Generates high quantity qualified quality leads.
•Engages digitally oriented customers virtually.
•Aligns activity to customers’ preferred channels.
•Relevantly curates customer sales resources.
•Makes smart data driven decisions to win deals.
•Overcomes objectives to close deals.
•Hits revenue targets respecting credit & ops risk.


Balances people, processes, profits & technology for sales success
•Applies ethical tactics to drive sustainable sales.
•Cycles quickly though sales & lead gen process.
•Matches appropriate products with client needs.
•Uses chatbots| AI| sales tech to grow sales & CX.
•Protects data security| networks  services.
•Reduces location constraints with unified comms.
•Builds profitable partnerships beyond borders.
•Minimises risk & maximises compliance.


Drives revenue and stays relevant in an ethical, inclusive & innovative culture
•Drives customer experience, retention & returns.
•Overcomes constraints learning| logic | creativity.
•Builds networks with cultural competence.
•Enhances the reputation as a global citizen.
•Advocates for the brand to build balance sheet.
•Self-directs & drives own sales performance.
•Predicts trends with growth-mindset & curiosity.
•Embraces risk & uncertainty with ethics & grit.