Data Protection Apprenticeship

Data Protection & Information Governance Practitioner Apprenticeship Level 4

“Data Protection and Information Governance is so critical in all sectors, and even more so with the advancements in technologies, big data and the changing laws and regulations across the world. I believe this apprenticeship will add huge value to organisations across all sectors and will provide a fantastic opportunity for individuals to follow an interesting, in-demand career pathway.”

Bev McGowan

Course Summary


Level: This is a Level 4 Apprenticeship


Duration: Up to 22 months including End Point Assessment (EPA)


Value: Levy value: £10,000 Co-funded value: £500


Delivery: Remote / Hybrid / Onsite options

modules & epa

Modules & EPA: This course has 9 modules, and EPA takes 4 months (2 assessment methods)

Course Overview

Information Governance
Regulation & Legislation
Policies, Procedures, and Key Documents
Information and Cyber Security
Toolkits, Control Frameworks and Standards
Information Risk Management
Auditing and Control Testing
Training and Awareness
Project Management

Tutors are knowledgeable and experienced in the digital sector. They stay up to date with industry developments and provide examples of the work they have completed in the industry.

The value of an apprenticeship is that it allows the student to put what they learn into practice in the workplace. This provides valuable experience and teaches them to not only learn the law but to apply it in real life situations where everything isn’t always black and white. My own apprentice says he has found the standard of teaching and the resources provided excellent.

Ongoing Personal Development

Months 1 - 22
Development of portfolio OTJ training / duties - development of knowledge, skills, and behaviours Monthly skills coaching Bi-monthly progress review Personal and professional skills development Functional skills development (Maths and English)


Months 1 - 6
Information Governance (module 1) Regulation & Legislation (module 2) Policies and Procedures (module 3)

Essential learning

Months 7 - 12
Information and Cyber Security (module 4)
Toolkits, Control Frameworks and Standards (module 5)
Information Risk Management (module 6)
Auditing and Control Testing (module 7)

On-programme assessment

Months 13 - 18
Training and Awareness (module 8) Project Management (module 9) EPA Preparation


Months 19 - 22
Assessment method 1
Assessment method 2


Months 22 - 24
Apprenticeship completed



I am writing this as the employer of someone who is completing the IG and DP apprenticeship. I have seen a massive boost in her confidence and skills since she started. The Specialists Hub are fantastic in the support they provide, even down to personal support. I feel as an employer, the course is paving the way for anyone who undertakes it and supports growing businesses.

Catherine Dickson

nhs blackpool

The apprenticeship course really compliments my job role as an Information Governance Officer and my day-to-day duties. The sessions are enjoyable, informative and in depth and the tutors are approachable and attentive.

Nikky Munt

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The apprenticeship programme provides a great knowledge base, especially for someone starting out in Data Protection (like me)! My confidence has really grown due to the networking, lessons and KSB requirements. I feel more confident within my role and when providing support to my colleagues at a competency level I would not have reached (this quickly), without the apprenticeship. Be prepared for the challenge, you can learn a lot about your own capabilities. The personal development opportunities have been a highlight for me, working on business and communication skills, in addition to career progression opportunities and accessing great resources such as BSI and IAPP student memberships. Thanks to the team and my tutor, Nicky, for her support and check-ins.

Emily Hudson

Health Intelligence

Bev and the team at The Specialists Hub have proven that it is possible to provide an apprenticeship with an excellent level of support and training. When the course began, all requirements of both apprentice and employer were discussed and the class schedule was given in advance. During the course, all classes have been recorded (with permission) so that anyone who could not attend is able to catch up at a later date. In addition, training for anyone who would like to discuss a topic further, or subjects which are outside of the class schedule have been arranged and we have received training from expert guest speakers. Our classes are open to the free exchange of views, opinions, experiences, and challenges. Everyone is encouraged to have their say. As apprentices, we receive monthly 121s with the option of additional catch ups if we need. This means that the level of support is perfect and down to our individual requirements.

Emma Godfree

Data Protection Consultant, iSTORM®
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