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We will respond to all complaints within 48 hours upon acknowledgement
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  Complaints Policy
The Specialists Hub is committed to providing a quality service and achieving the highest standards of conduct. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve our service is by listening and responding to the views of all stakeholders in quick and professional manner. Therefore, we aim to ensure that:
  • We treat every complaint seriously regardless of how it is received
  • We will respond to all complaints within 48 hours upon acknowledgement
  • We will conduct a full investigation into all complaints
  • We deal with it promptly, politely, and where appropriate, informally (for example, by telephone)
  • We respond with a full explanation and information on any action taken
The scope for a complaint to be made is for the following stakeholders:
  • Learners
  • Parents
  • Authorised representatives of the learners
  • Employers
  Dispute resolution on non-agreement on previous 4 stage process:
In the event of our 4-stage procedure/process (see below) not being able to be resolved satisfactorily the Parties here are to agree first to use their reasonable endeavours to negotiate in good faith a settlement of such Dispute.
If a resolution to any Dispute cannot be found through the previous stages, the matter may be referred by either party to Mediation for resolution. To initiate Mediation a party must give notice in writing (Mediation Notice) to the other party.
If either party refuses at any time to participate in the Mediation and in any event if the dispute is not resolved within 60 days of the service of the Mediation Notice, then either party may commence proceedings in the courts of England.
All complaints will be treated seriously, handled sensitively and with due consideration to all parties involved. In line with our equal opportunities policy, all complainants will be treated fairly and not suffer any recrimination or disadvantage as a result of making a complaint. Any person named in a complaint, however, will be informed and have a right of reply as part of the investigative process.
  Complaints Procedure/Process:
Stage 1: Informal complaints Where possible, complaints should be raised immediately with the Senior Management team or via the Apprenticeship Delivery Team on The aim is to resolve the problem directly and informally at the earliest opportunity. It is anticipated that the vast majority of complaints will be resolved in this manner.
Stage 2: Formal complaints To make a formal complaint this should be sent to Helen Smith the Training and Apprenticeships Manager The email should be titled as a complaint, and set out the details of the complaint in full and what would be an appropriate resolution. An acknowledgement email will be sent, and a response will be provided within 48 hours. Bev McGowan will review all information submitted and meet with relevant members of staff to review the complaint if necessary.
Stage 3: If the complaint has not been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, they should write to Beverley McGowan (CEO) of The Specialists Hub within 10 days outlining why they are dissatisfied with how the complaint has been addressed. The Board will appoint an individual to investigate the case fully, including how the original complaint was handled, and reply to the customer within 10 days with the outcome and suggested resolution.
The complainant has the right to complain directly to the awarding body if the learner is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint raised with the ATP.
Stage 4: If the complaint fails to be handled to the satisfaction of the complainant, there is a mechanism to complain directly to the Prime Provider that the learner has been funded through. The learner will be aware of the Prime Providers name as this is covered as part of the Learners induction process. If clarification is required, then The Specialists Hub will confirm this by return of communication received into them.
  Recording a Complaint
Complaints received are logged onto a central complaints log. The reason for the complaint and all progress made during the life of a complaint is recorded on the log until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant or to a point at which Specialists Hub Ltd can reasonably be expected to do no more. Complaints data is collated for analysis by the senior management team in order to make educated decisions to prevent further issues.

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